Amazon Error Codes 5461 and 5461-1

Error Code 5461: You may not create ASINs for this brand. Please review our ASIN Creation Policy here: 

If you are seeing this error it means that you’re trying to list an item that is already registered with Amazon’s brand registry platform using your own GTIN. Amazon’s policy is to ensure that branded items are not sold using another company’s GTIN. If you are selling a product of a brand already registered on Amazon’s catalog e.g. Samsung earphones, you must use Samsung’s barcode, not your own. If you are the owner of the brand or you’re using Amazon Brand Registry and you are still seeing this error code please see Error Code 5461-1 below.

Error Code 5461-1: You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list

Amazon’s brand registry platform cross checks brand names with GS1’s GEPIR database as a method of proof of brand ownership. If you try to list a product on Amazon and you see this error code then you have entered a registered brand name with a GTIN not linked to that brand name on GEPIR. There are two ways this can happen: either you are listing a branded item and using your own GTIN or your company is brand registered and the GTIN you are using isn’t being licensed directly from GS1.

There are a number of possible solutions to work around this error code when listing your product.

1. If you are trying to list a branded item, please use your own company name in the “brand” field and instead put the item’s brand in the product description. This will circumvent Amazon searching GEPIR at all.

2. If your company is using Amazon’s brand registry platform you will need to prove brand ownership. One of the ways Amazon does this is by checking your brand’s GTINs on GEPIR. We strongly recommend that if your brand qualifies to use the brand registry platform that you source your barcodes from GS1 directly. However there are some other possible methods to prove brand ownership if you do not want to go to GS1:

a) A letter from the manufacturer or brand owner (you) stating that the barcode is valid for use with this product
b) Photos of the product with your barcode on the packaging
c) A letter of affiliation from India Barcodes (Reitec Pty Ltd)