We supply authentic retail barcodes for a one time payment as a low cost alternative to GS1 annual subscription fees.  Our barcodes numbers and images are suitable for retail products (except books, magazines & Pharmaceuticals) and are fit for use in the vast majority of stores in India and globally.  Once a barcode has been issued to a customer it cannot be recalled and resold.  If we were to reissue codes like this we could not guarantee the barcodes would remain globally unique.  For this reason we can only consider refunds under special circumstances.  We will only consider a refund if you contact us within 30 days of making the purchase. 

Refunds are not provided if:

– You have changed your mind or made a wrong selection.  We recommend you carefully preview your order to ensure the correct quantity of barcodes and that the format is fit for your purpose before proceeding with any order. 

– The supplied digital barcode images have been altered by you or your graphic designer causing a failure to scan.  Similarly we will not supply a refund if the barcode is insufficiently printed, incorrectly placed or adversely affected by packaging, printing or design choices.

– Your retailer requires you to have direct GS1 membership.  Our terms and conditions exclude liability for “any retailer, wholesaler or any other third party’s refusal to accept or use the barcodes.” We recommend you check with your retailers prior to purchasing barcodes. See Global Barcode Acceptance and Supplier Guidelines.

– We do not provide refunds for customers who expected to receive a barcode prefixed with 890. We state that our barcodes begin with the 060 – 089 range on our home page, FAQ page and various Information and Support pages. We do not state anywhere on our website that the codes we supply have an 890 prefix. 

If a refund is made the codes issued will be made invalid and unusable. This information will be reflected in the gtinlookup.org and gtinsearch.org databases.