Image Generation Service

Do you need images generated for barcode numbers you already own?

It is not widely understood that GS1 India only supply the barcode numbers to their customers, leaving the onus on the customer to generate their own images. After signing up with GS1, an already costly exercise, customers must either purchase expensive barcode generation software or have their images generated by a third party recommended by GS1, the price of which can be almost as much as purchasing the barcodes again.

India Barcodes offer a competitive price on image generation for members of GS1 who do not wish to pay the unnecessarily high prices charged by GS1s affiliate partners. We can generate your GTINs/ISBNs to any format you may require, be that the standard UPC A, EAN 13, EAN 8 or ITF 14 formats or 100+ other 2D formats. We generate our images to exact GS1 image quality standards and we guarantee that our images, when printed properly, will scan quickly and correctly without fault. We provide the high resolution barcode formats standard in three high quality image file types: .TIFF (300DPI) .JPEG (600DPI) & .EPS (2540DPI) and can also provide other image formats at our customers’ request. Of course, the barcodes also come standard with the international standard human readable OCRB font. Note: The numbers supplied by GS1 may not include the check digit, don’t worry, we supply this along with all image generation services. You will receive a codes list with the check digits included ready to be imported into your choice of excel program.

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Once you’ve submitted the form one of our customer service staff will be in touch to organise the quote. We are happy to provide a expedited service on image generation and guarantee to have your order completed within 24 hours.

Please Note: Our image generation service is for image generation for holders of existing GTINs/ISBNs only. If you require barcodes and images supplied for retail purposes the please feel free to browse our Buy Barcodes page or FAQ to read about our online retail barcode service.