GTINlookup is a free and open online barcode database. Users can add barcode and product data along with multiple product attributes such as “brand”, “product name”, “country of origin”, and optional “image url” and links to purchase products.

Main attributes:
– Barcode
– Format (EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8, UPC-E, ISBN-13, ISBN-10, JAN)
– Brand or Manufacturer
– Product Category e.g. Home & Kitchen, Foods etc
– Product Name
– Country
– Image url
– Link to Buy Product

GREEN MARK NATURAL SOLUTIONS – Pure Honey listing on GTINlookup

How using GTINlookup boosts your product’s online presence and helps safeguard your barcode data

Entries added to GTINlookup are normally indexed on search engines within a few days of being listed. The 2 most popular android and iOS smartphone scanning apps ZXing Team’s Barcode Scanner and Gamma Play’s QR and Barcode Scanner use search engine indexes to retrieve data by default. This is a simple method of having your barcode data available online and seen by popular scanning applications.

Listing on GTINlookup is additional proof of ownership and helps reduce the risk of someone copying your barcode number or mistakenly using an identical number.

I have added my barcode data but need to make some changes?

Send an email to [email protected] along with the barcode number and requested changes. Some details (aside from the product itself) are able to be changed. It is not possible to change the product unless the listing was made in error. You may be asked to prove your ownership of the barcodes or relationship to the brand.