Error Code 5461-1

Amazon Error Code 5461-1: You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list Amazon’s brand registry platform cross checks brand names with GS1’s GEPIR database as a method of proof of brand ownership. If you try to list a product on Amazon and … Read more

Change the destination url of your Dynamic QR Code

India Barcodes offers two types of QR Codes: Static and Dynamic. The destination url of a Static QR Code cannot be changed. A Dynamic QR code’s destination url can be changed at any time an unlimited amount of times. Follow the below procedure to change the destination url of your Dynamic QR Code purchased at … Read more

QR Code Colour, Size & Printing Guide

QR code size & colour Unlike retail barcodes QR codes need to be noticed by customers to be scanned. There are some guidelines around QR code size & colour but the most important factor is getting your desired audience to scan the code and also allowing them the time to do so. For this reason … Read more

Error Code 5461

Amazon Error Code 5461: You may not create ASINs for this brand. Please review our ASIN Creation Policy here:  If you are seeing this error it means that you are trying to list an item that is registered with Amazon’s brand registry using your own GTIN. Please put your own company name in the … Read more

Error Code 8556

Error Code 8556: Sorry, this product is ineligible for Amazon Marketplace selling at this time If you are seeing this error message then Amazon has detected that the GTIN you are using is already listed on an existing item that is in a category that you have not been approved to sell in. Please check … Read more

Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification Explained Barcode Verification determines the scan quality of a barcode image. A Barcode Verification machine tests the product’s printed printed artwork. The test involves scanning the product’s barcode multiple times and from varying angles and distances, the success of which determines the grade of the test from A – F or 4 – … Read more

How to Register your Barcode

There’s a common misconception that product information can be entered “into” a barcode, or barcodes must be registered with a global database to function. No database covers every barcode number and no product data (other than the numbers) is encoded into a barcode. The vertical lines in a 1D barcode correspond to the numbers shown … Read more

How to open the zip folder

We deliver all barcode packages instantly to the email address supplied at the checkout. The zipped package contain the images, a list of barcode numbers, the OCRB human readable font and an authenticity certificate. Please find below instructions for opening the .zip file. 1. Download the .zip file from the email sent to you after … Read more