Amazon Error Code 8541

Error Code 8541: The SKU data provided is different from what’s already in the Amazon catalog If you see this code then Amazon already has a listing that uses the barcode number you have entered. There are two reasons why this could happen: 1. You have already created a product listing with Amazon using this … Read more

Amazon Error Codes 5461 and 5461-1

Error Code 5461: You may not create ASINs for this brand. Please review our ASIN Creation Policy here:  If you are seeing this error it means that you’re trying to list an item that is already registered with Amazon’s brand registry platform using your own GTIN. Amazon’s policy is to ensure that branded items … Read more

Amazon Error Code 8556

Error Code 8556: Sorry, this product is ineligible for Amazon Marketplace selling at this time This error message can otherwise be shown as “SKU [%s] cannot be created because it would be related to a restricted product.” If you are seeing this error message then Amazon has detected that the GTIN you are using is … Read more