About India Barcodes

India Barcodes has been operating since 2013 providing EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes and support to small businesses in the growing Indian market. India Barcodes is wholly owned by Reitec LLC (Company Number: 180003021026), and part of the Reitec Global Barcode Network with 10 + years experience supplying barcodes and barcode registration services to customers worldwide.

India Barcodes and Reitec LLC’s mission is to:

  • Supply customers worldwide with the most economically priced retail, supply chain and warehousing barcodes.
  • Employ local people in the countries we operate in where possible to ensure the best customer service for our clients.
  • Provide barcodes at a price point that allows small, local businesses around the world to enter the global marketplace properly represented.
  • Supply our customers with the most relevant and up to date information related to the barcoding requirements in their localities.
  • Assist our customers in making the right choice when purchasing barcodes to represent their products.
  • Provide a platform that allows our customers to make purchases in their local currency.

Please see our detailed FAQ and Support pages for information about barcodes and your business. For any further clarification or questions please contact us.

Email: [email protected]

India Barcodes is part of the Reitec Global Barcode Network (RGBN).

The RGBN (Reitec Global Barcode Network) is a growing global network of barcode re-seller websites serving over 20 countries. The RGBN aims to provide an affordable alternative to direct GS1 membership worldwide giving small business the benefit of our experience and expertise. The RGBN is jointly operated between Retiec LLC (Japan) and Reitec Pty Ltd (Australia) and since 2012 has issued over 1 million barcodes to over 10,000 businesses.