Error Code 8541

Error Code 8541: The SKU data provided is different from what’s already in the Amazon catalog If you see this code then Amazon already has a listing that uses the barcode number you have entered. There are two reasons why this could happen: 1. You have already created a product listing with Amazon using this … Read more

Error Code 5461-1

Amazon Error Code 5461-1: You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list Amazon’s brand registry platform cross checks brand names with GS1’s GEPIR database as a method of proof of brand ownership. If you try to list a product on Amazon and … Read more

Change the destination url of your Dynamic QR Code

India Barcodes offers two types of QR Codes: Static and Dynamic. The destination url of a Static QR Code cannot be changed. A Dynamic QR code’s destination url can be changed at any time an unlimited amount of times. Follow the below procedure to change the destination url of your Dynamic QR Code purchased at … Read more