ITF-14 Carton Codes

The ITF-14 barcode format or Outer Carton Code is used to track products through warehousing and supply chain by distributors and large retailers. A carton containing multiple units of one product can often have an ITF-14 code placed on it however it is not always necessary. The necessity of having an ITF-14 code will depend … Read more

How to Register your Barcode

There’s a common misconception that product information can be entered “into” a barcode, or barcodes must be registered with a global database to function. No database covers every barcode number and no product data (other than the numbers) is encoded into a barcode. The vertical lines in a 1D barcode correspond to the numbers shown … Read more

How to open the zip folder

We deliver all barcode packages instantly to the email address supplied at the checkout. The zipped package contain the images, a list of barcode numbers, the OCRB human readable font and an authenticity certificate. Please find below instructions for opening the .zip file. 1. Download the .zip file from the email sent to you after … Read more